Fuck Christopher Columbus

img_0067Today is Columbus Day #IndigenousPeoplesDay.

Let me just start off by saying I am so tired of getting ridiculed, mocked, silenced, questioned when I voice MY feelings towards this country.

There is not one person on this planet that can speak for me or on MY experiences and if I have never spoken up about them two to three years prior it is because I learned very early on that you did not talk about these things in public.

Growing up in my household feelings towards how we were treated and perceived by White America were always only talked about at home, in private, so to avoid any xenophobic attacks or being mocked in any other way. THAT SHOULD NOT BE THE CASE. EVER.

Again, I should be able to critique my country for how fucked up it is without fearing ridicule.

Today I posted the following on Facebook:

Since Columbus invaded this land we have been getting stripped of our cultural identities so much that those of us who are trying to find our way back to our Indigenous roots are mocked, ridiculed, and completely misunderstood. And all this time later, erasure continues and assimilation is still forced on us. So reminder: Fuck Christopher Columbus. 

He was a disease-spreading murderer, rapist, tormentor, enslaver.

My friend shared it.

And then, an old “friend”-not-really-friend commented this, “I would just love to hear how you (or He Tagged My Name Here) are any better than he was… I’ll wait.” Copied and pasted. Word for word.

How. Am. I. Any. Better. Than. Christopher. Columbus?


In just six months I have been told Black and Latinx struggle because we have a slave mindset (I have receipts for this stupid comment), a different guy told me to leave if I didn’t like the U.S. (but I’m AMERICAN U.S. Citizen?), and today I was asked how exactly I am any better than Christopher fucking Columbus.

What he said not only upset me but was so hurtful. This is an incredibly evil and insensitive thing to say to someone whose ancestors were brutally murdered, raped, stripped of their culture, and robbed of their land because of colonization.

Apparently, if you hate celebrating a man culpable for GENOCIDE, RAPE, SLAVERY, HUMAN TRAFFICKING, DISEASE, THEFT, and so much more, you should shut the fuck up because you are JUST LIKE HIM…because Jesus said.  Yes, after my friend responded to his comment he really did use, “Jesus said” as part of his argument then came back and said I didn’t have any substantive points. Fuck you felt substantive enough, though.

Then some dude, also on FB, went and posted this, “Cheers to everyone talking about it being wrong to celebrate Columbus Day while sitting home on their day off.”


First off, I am not sitting at home on my day off 🙂 I don’t work. So I don’t have to thank Columbus for giving me the day off. Thank you very fucking much. 🙂


And, if the workplace observes the holiday, where the hell is everyone supposed to go besides home?

Instead of criticizing the people who are angry at the fact America observes a national holiday honoring a disease stricken murdering rapist you should use your energy to criticize the government that established the national holiday. Duh.


SOOOOOO. To conclude, I am not Hispanic. I reject the colonized label. I am a Chicana on a journey to getting in touch with my Indigenous roots and reclaiming an identity that is true to myself.

And I would love just for once to be encouraged by America to find out what it means to be me, instead of being asked to label myself as something I’m not.

I would love for once my feelings and experiences to be considered, instead of being asked, “How are you any different than Columbus [a.k.a. the man responsible for stripping your ancestors and you of your identities]?”

To that I say,

That closes today’s rant of the day.

On Wednesday I hope to post a book review and share a thing or two about how I’ve been feeling lately.

Noe. ♥



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