The Pain, A Free Versed Poem

I feel the pain in my chest As I'm living through my trauma No, not like you stabbed me in the heart pain No, not like oh my god, my heart is breaking pain No, not that pain No, not that pain   More like, I can’t breathe pain My chest feels tight pain It's … Continue reading The Pain, A Free Versed Poem


The Last 365 Days

A year ago I noticed someone on my Facebook TL congratulated a familiar face for their 44th birthday. That someone happily celebrating and receiving all the good wishes for his birthday was my childhood sexual abuser.

Hi. Did You Know I’m Not Okay?

I was 17 when I finally confessed to my mother I'd been sexually abused from the age of four to ten. I thought after I confessed that long-buried secret I'd feel, in every sense, free. But the confession in and of itself did not free or heal me. It did not empower me. It did … Continue reading Hi. Did You Know I’m Not Okay?

Positive Affirmations

It’s finally the weekend! I know you had a long week. You went to school. You went to work. You took care of your home. You took care of your pets. Whatever your situation may be, you deserve to rest. This morning I am sharing some positive affirmations from the bottom of my heart. Positive … Continue reading Positive Affirmations

Daily Inspo: Mindfulness

Routine allows us to suppress negative feelings and emotions and stops us from confronting things we need to learn or heal from. For many years I lived a routine life. And it wasn't necessarily that I was doing the same thing every day, but I was feeling and thinking the same thing 24/7. I was not … Continue reading Daily Inspo: Mindfulness

Dear Women, You Will Not Fall Off the Edge.

My lovely, badass, take-no-shit women, Go places, chase after your dreams, achieve great things, and do not look back. I remember when I was attending community college I was still undecided about a major. I kept flip-flopping between criminal justice and sociology, then history, then art history, and anyway, you get the point. When considering … Continue reading Dear Women, You Will Not Fall Off the Edge.

Fuck Christopher Columbus

Today is Columbus Day #IndigenousPeoplesDay. Let me just start off by saying I am so tired of getting ridiculed, mocked, silenced, questioned when I voice MY feelings towards this country. There is not one person on this planet that can speak for me or on MY experiences and if I have never spoken up about them … Continue reading Fuck Christopher Columbus